Carcassonne wheel of fortune

Carcassonne Wheel of Fortune is a standalone game, and the 7th expansion for carcassonne. It consists of the wheel of fortune, a 16 (4x4) sized block that represents the wheel and replaces the starting tile and a pink pig meeple that moves on the wheel, 40 followers in 5 colours as found in the standard game, a scoreboard and 72 tiles, some that differ slightly from the original in combinations. Some tiles display a number (1-3) representing the number of spaces the pig moves along the wheel, the event it lands on results in a different event.

  • Fortune, 3 points for the player who drew the tile (this is the only event that awarded to just 1 player)
  • Tax gives points for knights in cities (depends on pennants and number of knights)
  • Famine awards points to every one of a players farmers that supplies his/her cities
  • Storm gives points based upon meeples in your supply
  • Inquisition gives points for monks on the map
  • Plague "kills" 1 follower from each player, they are removed from play and returned to their players supply

Followers may also be placed on the wheel for 3 points when the pig lands on that event. Otherwise the game follows all normal carcassonne rules, all expansions can be used with Wheel of Fortune.

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