114 tradersandbuilders
Traders and Builders is the second expansion, which contains a Pig and Builder figure for all six players and various tiles, including some city tiles with a goods symbol on.


A player may place a pig figure on a field on their turn, so long as they already have a Farmer connected to it. When the farm is scored, if that player gets any points, they get one extra point per connected city. The pig does not count towards the number of followers in the farm.


A player may place a builder figure on a city or road on their turn, so long as they already have a follower in that city. When that player later places a tile on the feature, he or she may have a second turn immediately. The builder does not count towards the number of followers on the feature.


An example of the three types of goods in a city.

Trade GoodsEdit

Some of the city tiles have a Wine, Wheat or Cloth icon in them. When a city with trade icons is completed, the completing player gets the equivalent token even if they do not have the most followers in the city. At the end of the game, the player with most wine tokens get 10 points, and likewise with wheat and cloth. In the event of a tie, both or all tieing players get 10 points.

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