The River II is a small expansion consisting of twelve tiles similar to the original river expansion, it can be played on its own or it can be combined with the original river expansion. The River II has a number or unique tiles that differ from the original, starting with a spring in the mountain, the river II has a tile that splits the river in two. Players now have choice of which branch of the river to add tiles to, ensuring that the river from one tile links to the next, but making sure that the river never creates a loop, where the two branches could join together if tile placement is not careful. The river II has tiles which have features from other expansions, such as an inn (Inns & Cathedrals) on one of the roads, and a volcano (Princess & Dragon) on one of the new lake tiles. The River II also has a city on a lake tile to stop the large farms created by the original river expansion.

The River II can be found in the Count, King & Robber expansion.