The Yellow follower is on a Flying Machine. If he roles a 1 then he can place it on the city, but with a 2 then it can go on the city or the road. A 3 would mean it could not go anywhere because there is no tiles.

"Mankind has always been facinated by flight, wings and flying machines. Followers can finally soar into the sky... without knowing exactly where they will land."

The Flying Machines (also know as 'The Flyer') is an Mini Expansion that can be bought by itself or as part of Big Box 4. When bought separately the expansion also comes with a tile from the Crop Circles 2.


The expansion includes eight new tiles, each with the flying arrow symbol which allows the active player to fly one of his followers to any road, city or cloister.

Special DieEdit

A dice is also included in the expansion. Two sides show one black square, two show two squares and three show three squares. When the active player draws a tile with the flying arrow on it he can choose a follower and roll the dice to see how many tiles the follower goes (in the direction the arrow indicates). The follower can become a knight, thief or monk by landing on their respective features but not a farmer on a farm.