Carcassonne count
The Count of Carcassonne Mini Expansion countains twelve special tiles and a purple Count figure. The twelve tiles are played in a 3 by 4 fixed layout at the beginning of the game before any players have played tiles. These tiles show the City of Carcassonne (not be confused with the smaller cities found on normal tiles). The City has four areas, the Castle, the Cathedral, the Blacksmith and the Market.

The CityEdit

When a player places a tile that scores points for another player but not for him or herself that turn, the player may place a follower in one of the four areas of the City. Later, when a player scores a feature, any player may move a meeple from the appropriate area of the City to that feature and score that feature himself if he has the most followers. If a player has a meeple on the Castle, he may move it to a city; from a Cathedral to a Monastery; from a Blacksmith to a Road and from a Market to a Farm.

The CountEdit

The Count can be found on one of the four areas of the City. At the beginning of the game, it is placed on the Castle. When the count is in an area of the city, no follower can be moved from that area. If a new follower is placed in the City, that player may move the Count to another area of the City.

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