The Cathars is a small expansion that consists of 4 tiles.


A city which contains one or more Cathar tiles counts as besieged. The presence of the Cathar tile reduces the value of each tile and pennant by one point (unless it is zero already):

Without Cathars With Cathars
Completed City with Cathedral 3 2
Completed City without Cathedral 2 1
Incomplete City without Cathedral 1 0
Incomplete City with Cathedral 0 0


The farmers supply the besieging crusaders as well as the besieged city, so every besieged city scores twice, i.e. six points. If the farm has a pig (from the Traders & Builders Extension Set) then the score for the besieged city is eight points. To score double, a farm does not need to border on the Cathar tile, only on any part of the besieged city.


If a player wishes to abandon a besieged city, neighboring cloisters allow escape from the besieged city. The cloister must be adjacent to the Cathar tile, directly touching along a side or at a corner. The cloister does not need to be owned by the escaping player, or even occupied at all; it can be complete or incomplete. If such a cloister exists then the player can return one of his followers (knight or builder) from the besieged city into his supply at the end of each of his turns. If the player places the cloister tile then he can return one follower on the same turn.