Carcassonne The Catapult is the 6th large expansion for carcassonne. It contains a catapult, a measuring ruler, 24 tokens (6 each of 4 types) and 12 tiles with a fairground symbol on that initiate a round with the catapult. These tiles and played, followers placed and features scored, then the player who placed the tile chooses which type of sub-game to play.
  • Blue "knock-out" tokens initiate a round where each player launches their blue token and any followers hit are removed from play and returned to their owners.
  • Yellow "Seduction" tokens initiate a round where each player launches their yellow token, the follower it lands nearest to, may be swapped with a follower of the players own, unlike the blue token these are not required to hit anything, however if the token lands off the map, it is not counted.
  • Green "target" tokens initiate a round where the goal is to get closest to the just placed tile, whoever lands the closest gains 5 points, the measuring ruler is used to decide who is closest, tokens landing off the map are not counted.
  • Red/Pink "Catch" tokens initate a game of throw and catch, everyone must launch a token once, and attempt to catch once. The launch is deemed un-successful if the token does not travel forward far enough, it must exceed the distance of the ruler, 5 points awarded for a successful catch.