• Creepassonne: Players may only place followers within a two tile distance of previously placed followers of their own colour. They may, however, place their first follower according to the base rules.
  • Inns and Cathedrals Mod: For each inn or cathedral placed in a road or city, the value of each road tile, city tile, and shield that make up the feature is increased by one. If one inn is added to a road, for instance, each road tile making up that road is worth two points; if two inns are added to a road, each road tile is worth three points. If one cathedral is added to a city, each city tile is worth three points; if two cathedrals are added, each city tile is worth four points.
  • Traders and Builders Mod: Players with the largest number of a trade good score fifteen points at the end of the game for that trade good.
  • Pokerssonne: Players have a hand of three tiles. At the end of their turn, they draw a tile to replace the tile they played.
  • No fields: For some players, Carcassonne’s sprawling fields can be too much to track, so you can simply skip them.
  • Closed fields: If a field gets closed off during the game, all players remove their respective farmers from it (if there are any) and receive points the same way they would at the end of the game.
  • Draft tiles: Lay out 5 tiles at the beginning of the game. On each player’s turn, he or she can choose to take the right-most tile for free. To take a tile to the left, the player would have to spend victory points — 1 for the second tile, 2 for the third, and so on. After a player drafts a tile, move the remaining tiles forward and add a new tile to the back of the line.

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