"Illustrious magic users are visiting Carcassonne. The mage's presence inspires the citizens, whereas the witch undermines the value of their hard work."

The Mage and Witch is an Mini Expansion that can be bought by itself or as part of Big Box 4. When bought separately the expansion also comes with a tile from the Crop Circles 2.


The expansion includes eight new tiles, each with the mage and witch icon which allows the active player to move one of the 'magic pawns' to any road or city.


The 8 tiles that come with the Mage and Witch.

Magic PawnsEdit


The Mage and Witch

The Mage and Witch are Magic pawns that can be placed on a city or road. When one of the Mage & Witch tiles are drawn (with the mage and witch symbol) then before the follower is placed, the player who picked up the tile must either place or move the Mage or the Witch onto a any city or road.