The Farmer is a follower who has been placed lying down in a field. The farm is considered to extend from that farmer across all tiles directly connected to it by fields, with roads and cities ending the field. When the game ends, the player with most followers in each farm gain three points for each city touching the farm. Normal Followers and Big Followers can be placed as farmers, they are worth one and two followers respectively.

The barn is a figure that can be played instead of a follower on a player's turn. When a player places a tile with a field such that is touches three other fields at a corner, he may place a barn on that corner. He/she may do this even if there are already farmers in that farm, but not if there is already a barn. Any farmers on that farm are instantly returned to their players and the player with most farmers gets 3 points for each connected city. Further farmers may not be placed on that farm. but should a farmers later connect to the barn, it is returned to its owner who gains 1 point for each connected city. At the end of the game, the player with most barns in each field gets 4 point for each connected city.