Bridges castles bazaars
Carcassonne Bridges, Castles and Bazaars is the 8th large expansion for Carcassonne. It consists of 12 new land tiles, 8 with bazaars icons on them, 12 wooden bridges and 12 castle tokens. The castle tokens can be placed on 2 tile cities and instead of the normal 4 points, the castle is placed, the follower is put on top of the castle and scores for the next feature completed within the 6 tiles designated, (the 2 that contain the city, and the 2 left and 2 right of that). Bridges can be placed to bridge a road over cities, roads and cloisters as long as the bridge is put on 2 field edges of the next tile. When a bazaar tile is drawn, an auction is started for tiles, the first player draws as many tiles as there are players in the game, and auctions off the tiles for points, if a tile is bought for 3 points, the buying player moves his scoring follower 3 spaces back, and the auctioneers follower forward 3 spaces, an auctioneer can buy a tile from him/herself and simply deducts the number of points from their score. The tiles move around until everyone has been auctioneer once.