The Abbey and Mayor expansion

Abbey and Mayor is the fifth expansion to the core game. It contains three new figures for each player, an Abbey for each player and a number of new tiles.

The new figures include the Mayor, a follower who may be placed as a Knight in a city. When the city is scored, he counts as one follower per pennant in the city. If the city has no pennants and a player only has a mayor in a city, that player scores no points from it. The Wagon is a follower which can be placed on a road, city or cloister as a normal follower would be. When scored, it may be moved to an adjoining unscored road, city or cloister so long as it does not already have a follower on it and is connected to it by road. A new follower may also be placed that turn. The Barn is a figure that can be played instead of a follower on a player's turn. When a player places a tile with a field such that is touches three other fields at a corner, he may place a barn on that corner. He/she may do this even if there are already farmers in that farm, but not if there is already a barn. Any farmers on that farm are instantly returned to their players and the player with most farmers gets 3 points for each connected city. Further farmers may not be placed on that farm. but should a farmers later connect to the barn, it is returned to its owner who gains 1 point for each connected city. At the end of the game, the player with most barns in each field gets 4 point for each connected city.

Each player receives one Abbey tile at the beginnng of the game. This may be played instead drawing and playing a normal tile. It must be placed in a "gap" in the board, in a space already surrounded by tiles on each of the four orthagonal (ie non-diagonal) sides. It may be placed no matter what edges are present on those tiles, the abbey ends roads and farms and cities. It counts as a cloister, so a Monk may be placed in it which scores normally.